Bagelwich - Frank & Rosanne

Family owned and operated since 1982

We opened in August 8th , of 1982; we are currently in our 35th year in Verona. We have been very blessed over the years and thank GOD for all that has been given to us. Our customers are simply the best! The residents of Verona have been the backbone of our customer base; we also want to thank all of our customers from the neighboring towns. All of our customers deserve the greatest thanks that any business owner can give. We have people that travel from out of the area to purchase our bagels, and for anyone that has moved out of the area that happened to be in town visiting, we are a must stop before they return home.

We are often requested to ship our bagels out of state for those customers that have moved out of the area and just can’t be without our bagels.

We have won Gold 8 times now for Best Bagels of Essex and 8 years in a row for Talk of the Town for best in customer service. Our greatest award though is the smiles on our customer’s faces even after standing in the long lines weekend after weekend. The thanks and smiles we receive for being open during bad weather, even during those two storms at Halloween the past couple of years the line was all the way down to the Verona Inn with an average wait time of 45 minutes just to get to the front door!! There were only thanks and smiles for being open and everyone was so patient which is a reflection on how awesome are the residents of Verona.

We have also have had the opportunity of serving the residents of Verona at the town pool on 4 or 5 occasions creating many great memories, that will be remember for years.

Our staff is one of both regular full timers and our part time employees. The part timers are 99 % made up of the kids from the area, mostly Verona but recently we have added a few from Cedar Grove, W. Orange and the Caldwell’s. There have been hundreds of kids all great that have passed through our doors, with many of them stay with us through college. We are regularly visited by past employees; some are now married with their own children!

There have been many siblings that have worked here together and some complete families as well. We consider them an extended part of the family here at Bagelwich.

Verona has been very kind to us, one of the best if not the best small towns in New Jersey. This has become our second home, knowing many regular customers as good friends than just customers.

We have been involved with many different groups and charities from town over the years. Sponsoring the Verona Labor Day Run since the first year, and the Verona Little League for years. From Relay for Life, Junior Women’s Club of Verona, VHS Sports Boosters, The Verona Band to the many PTO groups from all the town elementary schools we have tried to help anyone we can. Project Graduation, the Verona PBA, Verona Rescue Squad, Verona Fire Dept., Liver Walk for Life and the many fund raisers run by Our Lady of the Lake are just a few more. We strongly believe it’s the right thing to do to give back to the community that has supported us for so many years, and we’ll continue to do so for the years to come.

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